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taiji quan - inner balance. taiji quan is a set of centered smooth and soft movements according to the principle of yin/yang. its been described "moving meditation" and the slow repeated motion between different poses (or forms) helps increase balance and flexibility, promotes good posture, encourages blood flow, and boots the immune system. taiji also aids in lessening the effects of stress, anxiety and depression on the body by promoting inner calm. more...

book cloudhands by ulrich gottlieb

Cloudhands - Taiji through experience
Ulrich Gottlieb

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The soul wanders on foot. A European embarks on a journey discovering an art of movement in another world, and finds the poetry of stillness.

In this essay five parts lead through the experience of Taiji Quan. The first part a trip to Penang in Malaysia, meeting Master Lim Chee Choon. The second part a deeper exploration into Taiji Quan. The third part an Q&A from dialogues in seminars. The fourth part is a simple guide for the Taiji Quan practice. the fifth part a glossary where common terms related to Taiji are clearified.

"This is not a usual taiji book talking on techniques, forms and principles that always sound great but feel so far. Instead this book simplifies those concepts, making them touchable by just *be being* at present moment. Besides taiji techniques that Ulrich Gottlieb has a way to explain them so well, in every scene he brings us into his feet and skin. It is astonishing that this tiny book seems to speak directly to my soul. My heart beat slows down, brainwave declines and mind dwells in stillness while reading. I am certain that Cloud Hands would appeal to both serious taiji practitioners and people who are interested on the spiritual side of the practice. Have you ever read any book and feel so content and calm? Any book that makes you feel excited and at peace at the same time? This is book I know I would come back to read again and again for years. Keep Cloud Hands on the front row of your book shelf."
(Jintana Ito, reader of "Cloud hands")

"I would like to recommend a new book by Ulrich Gottlieb. It will help take you away from all of today's tensions, conflicts & global problems and bring you back to feeling your presence in this very moment right here on Earth. It has that kind of natural flow, a spontaneity I don't come across very often anymore in people's writings. It recollects (ironically) his personal studies with his late Taiji teacher and beyond, up to the present moment. I found it immediately engaging and felt as if I were there with him in Penang (or here in Bangkok) discovering & unfolding this new way of looking at the world. Ulrich Gottlieb is also an excellent instructor in this ancient & artful life practice."
(Lee Evans, reader of "Cloud Hands")

"Just read the book. There is nothing too much. I like the minimal storytelling that give a true taste of discoveries from a "soul that wanders by foot". The little stories with a convergent meaning. Little things convey so much. We all become still. When we learn how less is more"
(Damien, reader of "Cloud Hands")

"great work about art of movement here, as clouds spread their wings all over the globe we are able to change our cloudy state of mind into blue skies and observe our conditioning with slow and consistent practice, this book is a wonderful, healing helper too."
(C. Caselli, reader of "cloud hands")


ulrich gottlieb

ulrich gottlieb
ulrich gottlieb, vienna/bangkok, 1964 born in germany
physical theatre practisioner & conceptualist, performer & teacher, taiji practisioner & instructor, visual artist, writer.

early background in mime, later physical theatre self-thaught and by werner müller, nürnberg & hiro uchiyama, paris.

taiji quan & qigong by lim chee choon, penang and chen liang yao, bangkok

physical and visual work in multiple disciplines as physical theatre, taijiquan, painting, video, poesie...

works in art and education. international collaborations with theatres, festivals, cultural institutions, universities, international schools. performing and teaching and internationally.

bavarian state theatre
bavarian theatre academy munich
salzburg festival
university of popular music and music business mannheim
patravadi theatre bangkok
srinakarinwirot university bangkok
chulalongkorn university bangkok
ista international school theatre association
international dance festival bangkok
performance art center of penang
summer academy zakinthos/greece
wonderfruit festival thailand
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GEMS world academy singapore
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fang mae kong dance festival vientiane

art projects
physical poetry - dance/text
#touch - living canvas

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