we are made one with what we touch and see
(oscar wilde)

"touching art by ulrich gottlieb a wonderful approach to a mutual and collaborative performance art!"

"it is not only art in itself. it's connneting between people, art and soul."

"a meeting with touch, a meeting with close contact."

"a man is in a sack and people are painting on him. i imagined everything happening on the canvas to be very chaotic, and the pictures turn out to be very interesting, which surprises me a lot."

"it is much more than a painting."

"that brings bright #touch in the room!"

"art which empowers collaboration and community"

"it is always delightful to see those spirits...maturity in kids and kids in grown ups."

"very nice the interactions with the audience and especially with the many enthusiastic kids."

"i was torn between watching and painting, both were very nice!"

"i love the process of the performance. very raw, spontenious and inclusive."

"magically beautiful and certainly moving - I would have loved to see it live! leaves traces. thanks!"

"poetry in movement, textures of touch, experience into colors, an organic artwork of coming together."

"wonderful concept and choreography, everyone is part of the transformation and constant change no matter you are actively participating or just observing."

"quite a reflective piece actually, especially given the time and the global situation. it was personal - subjective and objective - i wonder what the experience was like for the artist? brave work!"

"really like how at the first it is a very still & stiff monolith until touched & painted by others, then coming to life. reminds me of 2001: a space odyssey but quite a different response when the monolith is touched!"

"a nice and ultimately unexpected experience to take part in ulrich gottlieb's performance “touch”. knowing that he was in the moving "sack" that i was allowed to paint (among others). nevertheless, in doing (touching) this moving and reacting sculpture has developed a life of its own and has taken on traits of an “other” being."

"unbelievable! unintentional free spirit play with painting can create these gorgeous pictures. really beautiful. feeling unrestrained and joy of freeing in the painting."

„this is not the usual artwork you will see anywhere in this world. this is manifested energy of people coming together and sharing their presence all in one canvas get in touch and better get it now."

"this painting is the witness of the richness of movement and touches from the people creative spontanity."

"the orange color attracts them to join in voluntary. its not set up not rehoursled."

"it was not about what to paint. it was about the act of painting itself. be there in this moment with full heart."

"a burning desire to bring people together only equipped with brushes and colors, touch the fire and feel the magic"

"art and energy studies from the past brought into presence to spice up your future, to make it more colorful and enticing."

"the world is a colorful stone, the touch of a common sense, the feeling of a living being, a beautiful video with rapid meditation in color."

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ulrich gottlieb

ulrich gottlieb
ulrich gottlieb, vienna/bangkok, 1964 born in germany
physical theatre practisioner & conceptualist, performer & teacher, taiji practisioner & instructor, visual artist, writer.

early background in mime, later physical theatre self-thaught and by werner müller, nürnberg & hiro uchiyama, paris.

taiji quan & qigong by lim chee choon, penang and chen liang yao, bangkok

physical and visual work in multiple disciplines as physical theatre, taijiquan, painting, video, poesie...

works in art and education. international collaborations with theatres, festivals, cultural institutions, universities, international schools. performing and teaching and internationally.

bavarian state theatre
bavarian theatre academy munich
salzburg festival
university of popular music and music business mannheim
patravadi theatre bangkok
srinakarinwirot university bangkok
chulalongkorn university bangkok
ista international school theatre association
international dance festival bangkok
performance art center of penang
summer academy zakinthos/greece
wonderfruit festival thailand
international solo festival bangkok
GEMS world academy singapore
portugese embassy bangkok
fang mae kong dance festival vientiane

art projects
physical poetry - dance/text
#touch - living canvas