with the body you can say a lot and come to yourself. but they often all want to be out of their own. especially in sports. in physical theatre you can be out of your own and come to yourself as well. it is essentially in this field of tension that things move.

physical theatre the experiment with the spontaneous poetic body language that develops freely

physical theatre, a physical lyric, a sea opera without singing. a silent powerful swinging of body majesties

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loop-art, ulrich gottlieb, physical theatre, koerpertheater

loop-art, ulrich gottlieb, physical theatre, koerpertheater

koerpertheater Physical theatre ulrich gottlieb

physical theatre loop-art ulrich gottlieb

loop-art physicaltheatre swu university bangkok, ulrich gottlieb

physical theatre loop-art ulrich gottlieb

loop-art - physical poetry by ulrichgottlieb

ulrich gottlieb

ulrich gottlieb
ulrich gottlieb, vienna/bangkok, 1964 born in germany. live in vienna/bangkok.
multiple discipline artist. physical theatre, performance, visual art, poetry, essays, taijiquan.

mime & physical theatre (werner müller, nürnberg / hiro uchiyama, paris & self-thaught).
taiji quan & qigong (lim chee choon, penang / chen liang yao, bangkok).

works in art and education. international collaborations with theatres, festivals, cultural institutions, universities, international schools.art projects, performing and teaching and internationally.

mime and classical music, education for children in story telling by classical music.
education and workshops, universities, international schools, creative srt academies.
art projects merging performance and visual art in multiple disciplines.

performance (selection)
bavarian state theatre "zazou", d: jerome savary
bavarian broadcasting munich / philharmony cologne "speechless..."
bavarian broadcasting munich "till eulenspiegel"
international dance festival bangkok "physical poetry"
chiemsee orchestra, germany "cat in the boots"

art project #touch
wonderfruit festival, thailand
int. dance festival bangkok/ thailand
portugese embassy bangkok/ thailand
austrian embassy bangkok/ thailand
river city, goethe institut bangkok/ thailand
fang mae kong dance festival, vientiane/ laos
akh contemporary gallery vienna/ austria
hundsheim/ austria
p.space bangkok

bavarian theatre academy munich
srinakarinwirot university bangkok/ thailand
chulalongkorn university, bangkok/ thailand
university for popular music & music business
summer academy greece
art forum austria bank, vienna
international dance festival, bangkok/ thailand
international puppet theatre festival, hydra/ greece
patravadi theatre, bangkok/ thailand
penang players drama group, penang/ malaysia
theatre festival isny / germany
ista international school theatre association

art projects
physical poetry - dance/text
#touch - living canvas

ulrich gottlieb