taiji quan
taiji quan - inner balance. taiji quan is a set of centered smooth and soft movements according to the principle of yin/yang. its been described "moving meditation" and the slow repeated motion between different poses (or forms) helps increase balance and flexibility, promotes good posture, encourages blood flow, and boots the immune system. taiji also aids in lessening the effects of stress, anxiety and depression on the body by promoting inner calm. more...

zhan zhuang
Zhan Zhuang, Standing like a tree or standing like mountain, is a practise which complements the path of Taiji Quan. In Zhan Zhuang there is no form. It is a standing meditation or standing qigong which emphazises on stability, centering, balance and calming the body and mind.

Pushhand is taiji quan in contact with a partner. there are certain patterns according to the taiji solo form in which we practise to keep the cente an balance any time. the play is to find hardness and bringing the partner out of balance and vice versa.

taiji meets visual art
taiji meets visual art : manuela papez-malkovsky / ulrich gottlieb. dynamic of yin/yang. playing a form of taiji quan which creates new forms of abstraction / poetic images as motion trails / fair lady works on a loom / repulse monkey / the golden rooster standing on one leg / cloud hands... reconciliation between black and white / beyond a trial of the contemporary between east/west.



ulrich gottlieb

ulrich gottlieb
ulrich gottlieb, vienna/bangkok, 1964 born in germany
physical theatre practisioner & conceptualist, performer & teacher, taiji practisioner & instructor, visual artist, writer. founder and artistic director of loop-art.

early background in mime, later physical theatre self-thaught and by werner müller, nürnberg & hiro uchiyama, paris.

taiji quan & qigong by lim chee choon, penang and chen liang yao, bangkok

the project loop-art is a cross melt of physical theatre, holistic art, performance art with visual art und poetry in a contemporary context.

works in art and education. international collaborations with theatres, festivals, cultural institutions, universities, international schools. performing and teaching and internationally.

bavarian state theatre
bavarian theatre academy munich
salzburg festival
university of popular music and music business mannheim
patravadi theatre bangkok
srinakarinwirot university bangkok
chulalongkorn university bangkok
ista international school theatre association
international dance festival bangkok
performance art center of penang
summer academy zakinthos/greece
wonderfruit festival thailand
international solo festival bangkok
GEMS world academy singapore
portugese embassy bangkok
fang mae kong dance festival vientiane

latest projects
physical poetry - dance/text
#touch - living canvas

ulrich gottlieb